About Us



Supporting Our Community’s Physicians

We at DR Solutions have dedicated our customized services to physicians that serve our communities. We strongly believe physicians prefer to manage the health of their patients to laborious office and bookkeeping duties while adhering to the (ever changing) healthcare laws, rules and procedures.

  • The friendlier easier place to bank
  • From humble beginnings come great things
  • The key to success is having a positive attitude!
  • Today may be just like any other day but it’s yours!

Why Outsource to Direct Revenue Solutions?

Our company services medical markets of all sizes. We are known for our expertise, loyalty, quality, and the commitment to enhance our clients billing experience. We provide you with absolute confidence while we “maximize every avenue of revenue!” Your Practice will Thrive instead of survive.


We offer you the confidence to spend more time with patients and less time with office duties.


No risks of your biller suddenly quitting and leaving you high and dry.


Allows you to control your office dependency on a full-time billing staff.


Allows you to control or even eliminating sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits, etc. for administrative staff.


No costly employee turnover and unproductive training periods.

Minimize Costs

No investment in software or hardware.

Maximize Profits

We utilize our experience to improve the profitability of your practice.

More Time

We offer the highly valued commodity of time. This allows you to focus on the treatment of your clients/patients, along with other aspects of your practice.

Our Commitment

To provide award winning service to our heroes! “Caring for Physicians that care for our communities”